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Can you tell us about Velvet Butter?

Velvet Butter is aiming to be the fastest growing Bakery and Cafe chain that was started in the year 2018. The brand is currently looking to franchise outlets across the country. Velvet Butter has on its menu a huge array of International desserts that include Cupcakes, Cakes & Pastries, French Macarons, American Cheesecakes, Italian Cannolis, Brownies, Savoury items, Waffles, Chocolates and Beverages among others.

What differentiates Velvet Butter from the other brands? What is its USP?

Velvet Butter has a Live bakery concept. Any cake, in any size, in any flavor, can be specially made fresh for the customer with 6-10 minutes. While Velvet Butter offers the freshest of cakes, other brands offer cakes that are a day old or two-days old. Moreover, Velvet Butter is the only pure vegetarian Cake and Dessert Shop in India that caters to not just the vegetarian market, but also to the non-vegetarian market. It is the only brand that offers Eggless Macarons in India.

What will be my Investment, if I wish to acquire a Velvet Butter Franchise?

The total investment is Rs. 18,00,000/-. Retail cum Manufacturing complete set up of the store & kitchen would be done by us including all equipment, machinery, air conditioning, display units, baking oven, billing machine, computer, interior, etc.

Can I do the interior myself?

A-Z setup of the outlet will be done by the company only. The company has to standardize the interior of its outlets across India and hence cannot allow franchisees to do the setup.

What is the minimum shop area requirement to open a Velvet Butter outlet?

The minimum shop area requirement is 300 sq. ft. (Carpet Area). Please note: This is the minimum requirement, we currently have outlet that is as big as 1200 sq.ft. The cost for the franchise is subject to change depending on the size of the store (Rs. 1.25 Lakhs extra for every 100 sq.ft).

How are the margins divided between the company and the franchisee?

Out of 100%:
- 15% of total sales - Royalty paid to the company
- 25% of total sales - Cost of Raw Material to make the products
- 60% of total sales –Margin of Franchisee

What are my monthly expenses?

You will be expected to bear the cost of:
a. Staff Salary
b. Electricity
c. Rent (If property not owned by Franchisee)
d. Sundry Expenses (Packaging Material, etc)

What will I be left with after all these expenses?

We currently expect that outlets will make a sale of Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 40,000 per day, depending on the location. A franchise that has a sale of Rs. 15,000 per day, can expect to make a net profit of more than Rs. 1 Lakh. (Depending on Various factors like rent etc.)

Are Retail Sales my only source of Income?

No, Retail Sales are not the only source of income, You are free to supply products at wholesale rates to other stores, supermarkets or Corporates.
This is a huge source of added income for our franchise owners.

What about the Raw Material needed to make the products?

Most of our suppliers, supply on all India basis and we have a tie up with them. So we shall tie you up with the suppliers / distributors in your city. Incase the supplier is not in your city, we shall tie you up with the supplier nearest to your city as most of the raw material has expiry life if 6 months to 1 year, you can buy it once in 6 months also. We only use the best, highest quality raw materials to make our products and it is essential that our franchisees use the same raw material, helping us standardise the quality of our products pan India. Your inital investment for raw material would be 1-1.25 lakh rupees for the Novel Kiosk model, 1.5 lakhs for the Bakehouse model and 2 lakhs for the cafe model, which is not included in the franchise set up cost. This is part of your monthly rotational expense which you will cover back from your sales.

How many employees will I need? What about their recruitment and training?

You will need a total of three employees to run the store:
a) Two Chefs (Hired and Trained by the Company)
b) One Counterperson (Hired by the franchise owner, Trained by the company)
The company will provide you with a replacement if a chef decides to leave you.

How is Inventory Management done? Will there be a lot of wastage?

At Velvet Butter, you have the luxury of making products as per demand. There is no need to maintain a huge inventory and cakes can be made as and when needed in your very own kitchen. This hugely lowers the amount of wastage.

How do we decide the ideal Store Location? Will the company help us?

The store has to be located in the main market area only as high footfall is very crucial for good sales. You are expected to look for a few good options in the area that you wish to target, and the company will help you finalise the best location.

How long will it take to set up the Store and the Kitchen? When will the store be ready-to-run?

Our Interior designer and their team, take just 25 days to 1 month to get the store up and running

What about Promotion & Marketing? Will the company help us?

1. Velvet Butter, before the launch of your outlet, will distribute 24,000 leaflets in your local area, with an offer for free cupcakes to every customer to give your sales an initial boost. 2. The company will tie up for you with: Zomato, Ola Cabs, Swiggy & Paytm 3. Velvet Butter has an active social media presence on: Zomato, Swiggy, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. 4. Velvet Butter has an E-commerce website where customers can place online orders 5. Velvet Butter offers membership programs to its customers, to encourage repeat sales 6. We at Velvet Buttr, from time to time come up with marketing schemes to boost our sales and you will be involved in all our marketing initiatives.

Can I sell products that do not belong to the Velvet Butter brand?

No, Franchisees are only allowed to sell products that are provided to them by the company. No products belonging to any another brand can be sold to the customers at the Velvet Butter outlet.

How long is the franchise agreement for? Is there a renewal fee?

The agreement is for a period of 5 years. A renewal fee of Rs. 2 Lakhs is taken at the time of renewal.

I have a bigger shop in mind, can the company offer me more products?

Yes, we at Velvet Butter offer additional products such as: 1. Ice Creams & Waffles (Additional Cost of Rs. 2.25 Lakhs) 2. Snacks & Savouries (Additional Cost of Rs. 2 Lakhs, also requires an additional chef) 3. Beverages (Coolers, Coffees and Milkshakes) These additional products greatly impact the sale and give it a major boost. The additional cost is for the machinery and counters that we will provide to you to make the products at your store.

How is the Royalty Payment done?

Our accounts department shall send you the Royalty Invoice based on your sales every Tuesday, payment for which has to be made by Friday every week.

Are there in hidden costs that we should know about?

You are required to acquire a few licenses from the government and pay GST taxes to operate a franchise. The cost of acquiring these licenses and taxes are not included in your investment of Rs. 18,00,000/-. However, we will guide you through the process of acquiring licenses. Barring the expense of acquiring licenses and paying taxes, all your needs are taken care of by Velvet Butter and we will provide you with a ready to run store.

Thank you for your interest in Velvet Butter. We assure you our 100% support and expect the same from you. We value our franchisees as they’re the ones who take our brand forward. We wish to enter a mutually profitable symbiotic relationship; where we can together grow from strength to strength.


Step One:

Call on 9111128009 / 9111124001 / 9522229363 and share basic details.


Step Two:

Introductory meeting with a member of the Franchise Development Team


Step Three:

Submit Application


Step Four:

Your Velvet Butter Outlet Experience Begins


*Market conditions and prices may vary. Franchisee Caution is advised.  As returns are based on many factors, Returns are not guaranteed and we will not be responsible for the projected mentioned returns.  

The information provided on this website may change at any time without any prior intimation. The latest information may or may not be updated on the website.

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