Thank you for your interest in Velvet Butter. We assure you our 100% support and expect the same from you. We value our franchisees as they’re the ones who take our brand forward. We wish to enter a mutually profitable symbiotic relationship; where we can together grow from strength to strength.



Step One:

Call on 9111128009 / 9111124001 / 9522229363 and share basic details.


Step Two:

Introductory meeting with a member of the Franchise Development Team


Step Three:

Submit Application


Step Four:

Your Velvet Butter Outlet Experience Begins


*Market conditions and prices may vary. Franchisee Caution is advised.  As returns are based on many factors, Returns are not guaranteed and we will not be responsible for the projected mentioned returns.  

The information provided on this website may change at any time without any prior intimation. The latest information may or may not be updated on the website.

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